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kanuckistan 2023 is running at burning man!



- 2020 -
KanucKistan Beyond The Veil

The Burning Man theme was Multiverse and quite frankly we don't like the timeline we are stuck in. In this timeline, 2020 started off rocky and took a quick turn for the worse with a once in a hundred-year global pandemic. So began the "Year of No Fun". Everything got cancelled. No Burning Man and no Freezer Burn. The citizens of Kanuckistan were sad but hopefully for the future.

- 2019 -

We took a break from Burning Man in 2019 but had a fantastic Kanuckistan Outpost camp at Freezer Burn.

- 2018 -
Kanuckistan OGRUR
Kanuckistan had a great camp again at both Freezer Burn (Kanuckistan Outpost) and Burning Man (Kanuckistan OGRUR) in 2018 and BLASTO returned to both events.
At Burning Man we were located at 6 & HAL. In addition to BLASTO, we also ran the annual Xeni Cup street hockey game, the knife workshop, and other fun events.
- 2017 -
Kanuckistan Tabarnak

Kanuckistan Outpost was again an official theme camp at Freezer Burn and once again BLASTO was up and running. Thank you to the LEA for the grant.


We also got great placement again at Burning Man and BLASTO was front and center. Thank you to the BLASTO Team for getting shit done! Our camp was located at Eulogy & 6:15 only a short distance from Center Camp. The year was epic and HOT AS HELL! There was only one dust storm all week (Monday) for about 20 minutes. Nights were warm, days were hot and good times were had by everyone.

In addition to BLAST, Kanuckistan also hosted four other very well attended events during the week: the annual Xeni Cup street hockey game, awesome Knife Sharpening and Right Use of Power workshops that were both very well attended and we also assisted with an EDM Partner Dancing workshop as well. Thanks to everyone who helped put on these events as well. We hope to see them back in future years. In addition, some vodka was snorted.

- 2016 -
Kanuckistan Duello

BLASTO was back on playa once again, better than ever after an upgrade made possible by an art grant from The League of Extraordinary Albertans (LEA). WIth the best placement in years, 4:00 on Rod's Road, Kanuckistan was stumbling distance from Center Camp. We also had more interaction with the citizens of Black Rock CIty than ever before.


For the first time, we also had an official theme camp at the Alberta Regional Burn, Freezer Burn and it kicked ass. 

- 2015 -
Kanuckistan BLASTO

BLASTO, the Ray Gun Blaster Shooting Range, made its debut on-playa to acclaim and much fanfare.  Lighting the night at the corner of Ersatz and 6:00 just a stone's throw (well if you are really good at throwing stones) from Center Camp, BLASTO was a source of joy to young and old alike.

- 2014 -
Kanuckistan Sietch

At Black Rock City in 2014 Kanuckistan once again flew the Iron Star proudly with the camp full of gleeful friends. This year saw the 10th Annual Xeni Cup; however, our public interaction beyond that was waning.  Many long meetings and breakout sessions were held to determine what we could do better to give to the community and a plan was formed.

- 2013 -
Kanuckistan Starship

Shooting for the stars and looking to build on the previous year’s experience, Kanuckistan Starship received good placement once again within sight of Center Camp.  A historical piece summit between Russia and Kanuckistan also occurred on the playa in 2013 resulting in an ongoing friendship between these two great nations.Center Camp. The year was epic and HOT AS HELL! There was only one dust storm all week (Monday) for about 20 minutes. Nights were warm, days were hot and good times were had by everyone.

- 2012 -
Kanuckistan Yutani Corporation

2012 looked to be another glorious year but instead turned into the year we learned that you really need reliable transportation.  None the less, camp was made with the help of the Armstrongs. (An old man Weyland short of a “Prometheus” sequel.)Burn.

- 2011 -
Kanuckistan Virgin Sacrifice​​

In 2011, the year of the Virgin Sacrifice, Kanuckistan had a Golden Ark containing the golden tablets of the ten principles.  Our camp had many Virgins to sacrifice that year, and we used the Golden Ark nearly every afternoon to engage passersby with goading and taunts until they and their friends partook of Ye Old Fashioned Vodka Snorting Bar (and body shot snorts).  And at the end of the week, flames devoured the Ark.

- 2010 -
Kanuckistan Embassy

Like any boomtown, Kanuckistan suffered from its own success.  In 2010 the main camp was so heavily populated that it made the most crowded slum look like a spacious single-family detached home.  Kanuckistan was forced to seek “elbow room” and the Triangle Lands “The Annex” was forcibly liberated from the BMORG and The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen proudly held out against interlopers vastly expanding the camp.  As a reward, Kanuckistan placed the prized claw foot tub and Camp Shower (appearing for the first time on Playa that year) in the Annex.

- 2009 -
Kanuckistan Research Station

This year Kanuckistan was placed way out in the boonies due to a horrible miscommunication between Kanuckistan and the Burning Man Theme Camp Placement Team. Thinking that Porno the Clown’s Super Sex Freaks Side Show was something that needed to be out of sight of kids and the law, Placement kindly put Kanuckistan Research Station way, way out there. The problem was Porno the Clown's sideshow was neither freaky nor sexy and in fact, he did not even make it that year. We learned to be more careful about what we put in the What-where-when from that day on.

- 2008 -
Fort Kanuckistan


Growing on its renewed success, Fort Kanuckistan was established in 2008 to protect the burgeoning community.  That year we learned that putting another name in front of Kanuckistan moved where we were placed in the holy What-Where-When and from that day on it was consecrated that Kanuckistan must be placed at the front of all year’s theme name. 2008 was the year that The Royal Canadian Kilted Yaksmen were founded and also the one and only year the Purgatory 2.0 mutant vehicle was on the playa.

- 2007 -
Kanuckistan 2.0

In 2007 the rightful and democratically elected government was reinstated and Kanuckistan was reborn as Kanuckistan 2.0. In this year the loyal Kanuckistanians threw off the yoke of parachute shade oppression and once again returned to the sturdy and reliable dome structure for shade. 

- 2006 -
Kanuckistan a.k.a. The_Many

In 2006 Kanuckistan became an official theme camp; however, this achievement and the early years of prosperity were overshadowed when civil war broke out and hostile forces temporarily renamed the camp.  This year also saw Big Shade and its tyranny and oppression on the good people of Kanuckistan. These were dark days and no more will be said about them here.

- 2005 -

In 2005 these settlers returned and for the first time flew the Kanuckistanian flag, the Iron Star, and set the standard to which all Kanuckistanians would aspire for a decade to come.  Although not an official Theme Camp that year, their showing was none the less impressive.  Not one, but two sturdy domes provided shade and a water evaporator stank proudly in the corner of the camp. This year the very first Xeni Cup street hockey tournament was played between Kanuckistan and the Lamplighters.

- 2004 -

The hard-working proletariat of Kanuckistan stand proud of their long and storied history.  In 2004 the first hearty settlers within Black Rock City formed a camp that was destined to become the legendary Kanuckistan.  That first year was difficult with minimal shade and no national identity.  With the harsh winds as the hammer and the hard playa as the anvil, these first few visionaries coined the name Kanuckistan and vowed to return and forge a mighty enclave dedicated to the values they all held true.

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