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Make the World a Better Place

Interactivity is a key to creating community.  The more Kanuckistan interacts with campers and the community, both on and off playa, the better camp life becomes.  We make friends and contribute to what makes Burning Man so special to us all.

I am sure many of you have attended workshops or other interactive events at Burning Man.  Looked at art or received a gift from a camp and thought, “I would like to do something like that”.

But then it seems so daunting: So difficulty.  You think: where can I host this, how do I get the word out, how do I deal with logistics, can I even do this thing at Burning Man.  The next thing you know, you just give up and move on.

Well it’s time to change all that.  Kanuckistan can help you realize ALL (well maybe some… well maybe none but ALL sounded better) your playa dreams.

If you have an idea and want to create an interactive event at the Kanuckistan Camp in 2016 or in the default worlds fill out the form and get started.

Now, we are not saying that we can facilitate all your crazy ideas.  Burners come up with things that are challenging.  We are also not saying that if you come up with a good idea, we (camp, Kanuckistan) will do it for you. No this is a YOU thing.  YOU get to do it.  What we are saying is that we can help you organize the event, promote it, potentially provide space for the event and support you.

The Kanuckistan Core team has decades worth of experience doing crazy shit at Burning Man (in some cases more than a decade of experience in like one person).  We can help you if you let us know what you are thinking of doing. 


So --- FILL OUT THE FORM NOW and start contributing more interactivity to this year’s burn and the default world, because a city of tourists is well, Disneyland® not Burning Man.

Disneyland® is a registered trade make of some huge multi-national entertainment conglomerate with all kinds of lawyers and shit who would totally bigfoot and or sue the crap out of our little camp if we did not recognize their fucking right to exclusive use of that word by putting an ‘R’ with a little circle around it.  Now I am not saying I or Kanuckistan or whatever don’t like some of the shit they put out.  Personally I am going to see every single Star Wars movie they put out the door because, well I like Star Wars.  I was young and impressionable when it came out so I have to see them all.  Even the prequels.  Sure Jar Jar Binks sucked the ass of Buboicullaar and the Skywalkers were ALL a bunch of wining shits in every single movie but I loved each one.  Well Episode I less but I still saw it more than one time in the theater.  Now I am getting way off topic and come to think of it I have put like five more copyright violations in the disclaimer about copyright.  I will make it all better by making the wording so small that no one will read it but it will still be on the page so we don’t get taken to the cleaners by Disney.  Although what they would do with a storage room full of used, dusty camping crap I have no idea.  Peace out!!!