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Burning Man

Kanuckistan Camp Fees

Burning Man 2018

Once again Kanuckistan is returning to the desert with an official theme camp in 2018 and we anticipate that we will sell out this year like we did last year. Once that happens we can not take any more campmates, so register NOW!

Why are camp fees at different costs depending on type? We recognize that even though everyone camping with us puts in volunteer time with camp, some people put in more volunteer hours than others and we want to thank those people by providing them with lower camp fees.


OMG and Onsite

Closing Date

After Aug 16th

Camp Fee CAD$

$400 USD


Onsite Only

In addition to the camp fee, a refundable strike deposit of $75 CAD is required for each campmate.

Levels are limited by the number of spots available or date indicated, whichever comes first. If a level is not sold out before the date indicated, the remaining spots for that level are added to the next available level. Funds must be received by the ending date or before that level is full.


Set-up, Strike, Team Leads and BLASTO team - OPEN

Set-­up and Strike Teams

Who is this? Kanuckistan has a lot of infrastructure, such as shade structures, showers, couches, etc. stored in the Reno area. Infrastructure is used year-over-eyar in our camp in Black Rock City. Someone has to pack all this stuff into a big truck, take it out to the desert, unpack the truck, set everything up, and then at the end of the event do it all over again in reverse. The people who do this work are our Set-up and Strike Teams. Individuals on the Set-up and Strike Teams not only get a discount on camp fees but they are also eligible for Directed Tickets through camp. Members of the Set-up Team will also get early access passes to Burning Man.


Team Leads

There are a number of key positions required for both onsite (at Burning Man and Freezer Burn) and year-round to help run camp. Team Leads are the people who organize these key activities. Individuals who are Team Leads not only get a discount on camp fees but they are also eligible for Directed Tickets through camp.


The BLASTO Team is the group that works year-round building Kanuckistan's premier public interaction,  a fireball shooting range and gallery. We are looking for more BLASTO Team members. Individuals who are part of the BLASTO Team not only get a discount on camp fees but they are also eligible for Directed Tickets through camp.​

General - OPEN

The standard camp fee this year is $225 and will be available until June 1, 2018 or until all available spots are filled. Individuals in this level must volunteer for camp while on-site at Burning Man. Unfortunately, this level is not eligible for Directed Tickets.

OMG Level

Sometimes we get people approaching us onsite asking to camp with Kanuckistan. This level, called OMG, is priced higher as we find that there is a potential for last-minute campmates to be less prepared and they have a higher chance of leaving a mess, as well as requiring much more effort to acculturate. Also, other campmates have committed to Kanuckistan earlier, allowing us to better plan for space and infrastructure. In addition, earlier payment also helps to provide cash much earlier, allowing us to pay costs without having to have Core Team members pay out of pocket. We can accept payment online (in Canadian funds) up until July 1st.

Please note that the site may not be monitored after August 18, 2018 as we (the Core team) will be preparing for and enroute to Playa. If you wait until you are onsite, we may be out of space and you may have to seek a camp spot elsewhere.

Strike Deposit

Everybody in camp pays a Strike Deposit. All Strike Deposits are fully refunded once two members of the Strike Team and / or Core Team have signed-off on your personal camping site and camp obligation. The Strike Deposit is $75 CAD and will be paid back in USD cash of $50 on playa once you have your camp strike signed-off, or if you are a member of the Strike Team, once your strike duties have been completed.

Late​ Registration

Every year we get last minute people looking to camp with us. We love to accommodate everyone when possible but we must encourage as many people to register as early as possible. Therefore, we charge more for late registration than the general level


Strike Deposit

Once you have filled-out the registration form, and the Kanuckistan Core has reviewed your application, we will send you an email with an invitation to camp with us and details on how to pay your Camp Fee. When your payment has been received, you will receive a confirmation email from Core, advising which tier you have been accepted and confirmed into.



Q - Why does Kanuckistan charge a camp fee?

There is an ongoing cost to running a theme camp at both Black Rock City and Freezer Burn. The primary costs are:

  • The purchase of infrastructure such as shade structures, furniture, kitchen equipment, water tanks, etc.

  • The transportation of infrastructure to and from events

  • The storage of infrastructure

  • Ongoing bank fees and accounting fees

Q - What Does Camp Provide?

This is a fair question. Although we are not, in any way, a high-end turn-key camp we have quite a bit of infrastructure, things to make your Burning Man experience a bit nicer and benefits to camping with us. For more information, please check the "about camp" page.

Q - Do camp fees include a ticket to the event in questions?

NO! You must purchase tickets to the event separately on your own. Kanuckistan camp fees have nothing what so ever to do with the ticket price or acquisition of a ticket to the event.

Q - Are camp fees refundable or transferable?

NO! Camping with Kanuckistan is not a given. Kanuckistan reserves the right to accept who camps with us and who does not. Therefore, we cannot allow camp fees to be transfered to another person. In addition, we cannot refund camp fees because in all likelihood by the time your ask for your money back we have already spent it. We base budgets and purchasing decisions on how much money we have from camp fees, so once we have enough money in the bank we go ahead and purchase items for camp. If you later change your mind we have already committed your money, so there is no way we can offer refunds.

Q - What happens to extra money collected?

So far that has never been the case. In fact, for many years the long-term campmates who stay with Kanuckistan year after year most often paid cost overruns and donated many of the camps infrastructure items. One of the reasons we moved to higher camp fees was to offset these losses and hopefully have a small surplus.

In the event of a surplus, Kanuckistan would use this extra money to support art that is not adequately funded by existing organizations. That is our stated mandate in our incorporation.

Q - What type of an organization is Kanuckistan?

Kanuckistan Inc. is an Alberta Non-Profit organization.

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