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So you want to go to Burning Man 2018 and you are interested in getting Directed Tickets?

All Directed Tickets have been allocated for this year. Sorry.

What are Directed Group Sale (DGS) tickets?

In order to support the core social infrastructure of Black Rock City, Burning Man takes steps to ensure established theme camps like Kanuckistan have access to DGS tickets. Providing theme camps with access to DGS tickets allows them to start planning and also decreases demand (and therefore competition) for tickets in the Main Sale. 

DGS tickets are sold at the same price as the Main Sale tickets and cannot be marked up when transfering ownership. Kanuckistan is calculating the sale price for DGS tickets as follows:




Service Fee


CND Cost





$ 660.00

$ 105.00

USD Cost

$ 425.00

$ 19.50

$ 38.97

$ 18.00

$ 501.47

$ 80.00

Vehicle Pass

How do I get DGS tickets?

For the past several years Kanuckistan has been able to secure Directed Tickets for our critical infrastructure team members that are camping with Kanuckistan at Burning Man. Once again this year we have been provided access to a limited number of DGS tickets for our:

  • Core Team - the group who administrate the camp while on site in Black Rock City and / or Freezer Burn, as well as manage camp activities year round and run the non-profit organization

  • BLASTO Team - the group that works year round building Kanuckistan's premier public interaction, a fireball shooting gallery. We are looking for more BLASTO Team members

  • Set-up and Strike Teams - Kanuckistan has a lot of infrastructure, such as shade structures, shower, couches, etc. stored down in Reno that is used each year in our camp in Black Rock City. Someone has to pack all this stuff into a big truck, take it out to the desert, unpack the truck, set everything up and then at the end of the event do it all over again in reverse. 

  • Team Leads - these are people who have stepped up for a leadership position and are taking charge of specific camp issues.


If you are willing to volunteer and put in hard work, Kanuckistan is willing to work with you to get DGS tickets.

What are my next steps?

Fill out the form at the top of this page

We are trying to streamline the process for people looking to obtain DGS tickets for Burning Man. The first step is for each person looking for a Directed Ticket to fill-out the form at the top of this page. This does not mean that you are guaranteed a ticket. DGS tickets are first come, first served as well as other conditions.

Once you fill in the form at the top of the page you will receive an email with further instructions.

Please note, there are conditions associated with receiving a Directed Tickets through Kanuckistan that include:

  • You must camp with Kanuckistan at Burning Man in 2018

  • Your camp fees must be paid in full before you can purchase DGS tickets (see camp fees)

  • You must be willing to fulfill one of the key volunteer roles within camp

  • You must agree to the terms and conditions Kanuckistan has for assigning Directed Tickets

Register to camp with Kanuckistan at Burning Man

In addition to completing the form above indicating you are interested in obtaining a directed ticket, you must also fill out the Camp Registration form. To register for camp, click here.


Q - Am I paying extra for DGS Tickets?

A - No. DGS tickets are the same price as tickets in the Main Sale. Click here for details.

Q - How much are DGS Tickets?

- DGS tickets are $425 USD each this year. Vehicle passes are $80 USD in 2018. In addition, there are fees, taxes and shipping that must be paid as well. We estimate the total cost of two tickets and a vehicle pass will be approximately $1400 CAD in 2018. This is only an estimate and the final price may vary slightly due to changes in the exchange rate, fees, etc.

Q - Why are there camp fees for camping at Kanuckistan?

A - Camp fees are not at all related to the cost of your Burning Man ticket. Kanuckistan provides infrastructure, support and community for the people camping with us. Camp fees go to cover the costs incurred by the nonprofit that runs Kanuckistan. Click for more information on Camp Fees and what camp provides for more information.


Q - What if I only want one Directed Ticket?

A - The way the DGS sale works, each person registered has the ability to purchase 2 tickets and 1 vehicle pass. Kanuckistan needs all the directed tickets and vehicle passes even if you only need one ticket. Therefore, we ask everyone to purchase 2 tickets and the vehicle pass and Kanuckistan will either a) team you up with a campmate who needs a directed ticket but was not able to get in on the DGS sale. In that case, that person will transfer you the money for the ticket or b) Kanuckistan will purchase the ticket from you and hold it until we find a campmate who qualifies for a DGS ticket.

Q - What if I do not need a vehicle pass?

A - Once again, Kanuckistan needs all the vehicle passes even if you do not need one. If you do not need one, Kanuckistan will either find a campmate you can sell it to, or camp will purchase the vehicle pass from you.

Q - Can I sell my DGS ticket?

A - DGS tickets are provided to Kanuckistan by Burning Man with some very strict rules. If Kanuckistan does not live up to the rules then we will not get DGS tickets in the future. For this reason we do not  allow people who receive a DGS ticket to resell them. If it turns out that you do not need the tickets, Kanuckistan will either find a campmate who qualifies for the ticket and put you in touch with them, or purchase the ticket from you.


Q - What if I later find out I cannot go to Burning Man?

A - If it turns out that you cannot go to Burning Man, you will not be stuck with the tickets or vehicle pass. Kanuckistan will either find a campmate who qualifies for the tickets and have them purchase the tickets from you, or Kanuckistan will purchase the tickets.


Q - What if I am camping at another camp?

A - Sorry but you must be camping with Kanuckistan at Burning Man in 2018 to be eligible for DGS tickets through camp. If you are camping with another camp you should enquire with them about getting DGS tickets through that camp.

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