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Friends Visiting Camp

Keep Everyone in the Loop

Making Friends

While you are at Burning Man, Kanuckistan is your home. We are all adults and sometimes adults make adult friends while at Burning Man. Sometimes those friends start to spend lots of time in camp, maybe all night. We do not want to discourage making friends at all, in fact we encourage you to explore all aspects of yourself while at Burning Man. We just ask that you follow a few simple guidelines to make sure everyone understands what is going on and who this new person is.

Visitors Guidelines

If you bring someone into camp, and by that we mean the Private Shade Structures and Camping Area, we ask that you do everyone a courtesy and:


  • Guests, no matter if they are staying in camp for only a few minutes or several days, are guests and you cannot leave them in camp if you are heading out for any long period of time.  If you are running to the bathroom it is ok to leave them for a few minutes but if you are heading off to a workshop, ride art cars or party please either take your guest with you or have them return to their camp.

  • Introduce the person to people who are present. It’s as simple as, “I would like you to all say hello to… a friend of mine”. You may have to do this a few times to get your new friend introduced to everyone. If the friend is only staying for a little while, just introduce them to who is there at the time. If the person will be hanging around camp quite a bit, keep introducing them. We want to know who they are and welcome them.

  • If the guest is going to be spending quite a bit of time in camp, let people know. If they are going to be spending the night in your tent let people know. It is as simple as, “This is my friend… you may see them around camp quite a bit. In fact, they may stay the night in my tent and I just wanted everyone to know who they are.” We are all adults. No one in camp is your parent. We just want to make sure that the strange person we do not know, going into your tent late at night, is a friend and welcome in your home.

  • You are responsible for your friend while they are in camp. They are your friend and welcome but you must explain camp rules, ensure they do not we will ask you to speak with them. If they continue to not follow the rules we may need to ask them to leave. This would be sad. So take the time to orient your friend.

  • Your friend should feel free to use the camp infrastructure. We don’t mind them using the camp kitchen, hanging out in the shade or even taking a shower (so long as you or they provide the potable water and deal with the greywater).

  • We would like you to encourage your friend to talk to other camp members. If they are going to be around a lot, we would like to get to know them.


  • You do not have to pay a camp fee for your friend even if your friend stays over the night, or several nights, as long as they have a camp of their own. But if your friend does not have a camp of their own, they would need to pay the OMG camp fee. Do not abuse this! If we find out that your friend does not have a camp of their own and you are “sneaking” them into our camp on the sly so that they don’t have to pay the camp fee we will me mad. And by mad we mean that we will kick both of you out of camp and you will forfeit your camp fee and strike deposit.


So don’t be an ass and try to cheat the system. It’s that simple. So go out there and make friends.

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