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Links and Resources

Kanuckistan does not recommend any of these links and we are not promoting them; however, we know that people who have not been before (and many who have) are looking for rooms, food, bike repairs, etc. on the way to That Thing in the Desert.  So here are a number of links we have found useful in the past.

Kanuckistan Water Delivery

Xeni Cup 2016

13th Annual Street Hockey Game

Burner Discount Codes

The Sands Regency
345 North Arlington Avenue (Down town)
Discount room s $30 for Aug 18-21, 24-28 and Sept 1-4
$65 for August 22-23 and Sept 5
And $85 for Aug 29-31
Discount CODE: Playa14
Has plenty of free parking for RVs and an outdoor pool complex.

If you know of any other discount codes, email us and we will put them on the site.

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