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Setup & Strike Duties

If you have agreed to be part of the Setup and / or Strike Teams here the information you will need to know.

Setup Team Details


WEDNESDAY August 22, 2018

All Setup Team members must arrive in Reno by the end of Wednesday August 22, 2018.  


THURSDAY August 23, 2018 at NOON at the storage unit


STOR-ALL Self-Storage located at
777 Panther Drive, Reno

directly adjacent to US 395, take exit 72, then turn left (eastbound) at the light & Maverik gas station.

We can meet you at the gate if we arrive separately, as we must enter a security code to open the gate.  

Everyone on setup must be on Playa by 11:00 pm Thursday August 23, 2019 so you can get enough sleep to start setup first thing Friday morning.

One of the perks of being part of Setup and Strike, is that you can add items to the Infrastructure truck for transport between the Storage unit and Playa.  We will only accept items that are fully enclosed (plastic bins with closing lids, or duffle bags closed) and clearly labeled what it is and who it belongs to- and we may ask to see the contents.  This MUST be done  while the truck is at the storage unit, as there will be no stopping for the Infrastructure truck until it stops near Empire.  

Strike Team Details


SUNDAY September 2, 2018: IN CAMP
All campmates are required to remove all personal belongings from the communal shade structures (except for a chair) by NOON on Sunday. This will make the Strike process much easier. As non-strike campers will be starting to pack and load their items, Strike team still has today to Burn bright, as this is your last full day of burning before your duties commence. However, it is suggested your sleeping accommodations are made as clean and ready to drop as possible, since you will not have time to do so on Monday, and doing all of the work on Tuesday morning will hold up the Strike Team exodus.

MONDAY September 3, 2018: ON PLAYA
Strike Team is up with the sun, has a quick and easy breakfast (granola bars or the like) and we have a good 4-5 hours before the heat of the day requires us to take a break.

All shade structures are emptied except for the Kitchen (leave 1-2 stoves, a table and dish bins, until after nightfall).

All shade structures except kitchen, are dropped and packed and piled beside the truck, or in the truck.

All items are packed and piled beside the truck, except for your immediate sleeping accommodations. (People with personal Reno storage units must ensure all items for their unit are loaded together.)

We have dinner and then packup the kitchen. Before turning in for the night, everything should be packed into the truck except for a chair and your sleeping accommodations.  -- leave yourself a couple of granola bars or quick grab food and some water for the morning and drive --

TUESDAY September 4, 2018: ON PLAYA,  END IN RENO
Strike team is up with the sun, immediately packs all personal accommodations. Once you have everything packed, start MOOP sweeping in the open areas (it is handy to keep an empty bottle or ziplock bag for this).

Move any and all vehicles off of the lot, and everyone does a shoulder-to-shoulder MOOP sweep over the entire camp space with an overlap of 5 feet.


All garbage must be in garbage bags. It will be dropped on the way to Reno, and there will be no further garbage stops afterward, and any additional garbage is considered personal garbage, not camp’s responsibility.

Once final MOOP sweep is over, we caravan out of BRC and back to the Reno storage unit. We may stop for a hot breakfast/lunch on the way depending on how the team feels. The cube van will stop at one of the garbage disposal sites on the way back to Reno.

Reno Storage:

Once at the storage unit, the truck is emptied and all items are packed back into the storage units. When the storage doors are rolled down and locked, you have completed your strike duties and you are free to go and bathe/shower/bathe/swim/sleep/eat (words of wisdom learned the hard way: nobody wins at the buffet.

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