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Truck Guidelines

As part of the set-up and/or strike team we want to let you know that you can put your stuff on the big truck leaving Reno Storage and it will get to camp for FREE!!!  That’s right – your stuff can ride from Reno to Playa and back at no cost.  That’s because we want to put as many bums in seats as possible because that limits the number of vehicle passes and more importantly limits the number of vehicles driven to Burning Man.  In fact anyone can put stuff on the truck but due to timing Set-up and Strike Team members are likely the only ones able to be there on time for loading and stay long enough to get their stuff after the event.  


This is good for everyone.  But there are some limitations and here they are.

Please follow the guidelines bellow:

  • Unless you are already part of the potable water delivery and/or greywater disposal program we cannot allow water to be put on the truck. This is because water is heavy and causes the truck to be unbalanced unless it is packed in first (at the front). That is one of the reasons we did the water purchase plan this year.


  • You cannot put in any drugs (legal or otherwise) and nothing illegal no matter what is allowed on the truck.  If you do so, and are caught, there will be very, very serious consequences.


  • You should not put anything in that is FRAGILE as items shift in transit and may get moved to make room for other stuff.  So if it is breakable, keep it with you.


  • All items MUST be in a tote bag, suitcase or rubber/plastic container with a lid.  Large black garbage bags are find for bedding but may become ripped. No small (shopping bags) or lose items please.


  • All items MUST be clearly marked with your full legal name.


  • Food is totally ok. If it needs to be refrigerated it should be in a cooler with ice. We cannot get ice on playa before the event so you MUST have ice in your cooler.


  • Alcohol is fine but if it is in glass bottles please pack it very, very well.


  • Bikes are fine on the truck.

  • Unless you yourself are riding in the truck, you cannot put garbage, recyclables or greywater onto the truck at the end of the event. We are not set up to handle that and you must take it with you.


The truck will be picked up Thursday morning and you must have whatever you want to put on that truck with you when we load up Thursday at noon at the storage area. The truck is leaving directly for playa after the load at storage and cannot wait for you to grab your stuff or buy more stuff.

  • Your Burning Man Ticket.  Do not forget to take it out of a suitcase, etc. or you will be fucked.


  • Medication of any kind.  Not only do you need it, but we do not want to be in position of prescription medication that is not ours.


  • Your ID such as passport, driver’s license, etc.


  • Money and small things of value.  The truck will be locked but the contents may be unloaded on playa and why take the chance.


  • Enough water for each person for up to 24 hours.  This is in case there is a huge problem getting into the event (i.e. rain, etc.) and you are stuck in line.  You should plan on 2 to 4 liters of water per person just in case.


  • Some snacks, just in case you get stuck in line.


If you have any questions, contact Kanuckistan Core.

Things we suggest you keep with you, just in case:

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