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Contribute to Camp

Kanuckistan, like all of Burning Man, runs on volunteers. If it were not for volunteers, nothing would get put up, gifted, taken down, cleaned up, and camp would be somewhere out in the boonies. Placement (i.e. where our camp is placed within Black Rock City) is based on a camp's interaction with the Burning Man community at large. BLASTO Duello is our primary interactivity gift to the city.

​When you registered you indicated what type of volunteering within camp you were interested in. Now it is time to sign up for either a Greeter / Orientation shift or a BLASTO Front of House shift. Please read the description of what each volunteer activity entails and then sign up using the form below.

Campmates that are NOT part of the Set-up, Strike or Core Teams are asked to do either 1 - 8 hour shift or 3 - 3 hour shifts. Of course you can sign up for more if you want.

​If you are part of the Set-up, Strike or Core Teams, you can also sign up for as many (or as few) of the shifts below. Your work on set-up, strike or year-round on the core team has fulfilled your requirements but it's always fun to volunteer.

BLASTO Front of House

Have fun interacting with the Burning Man Community by operating the BLASTO ray gun blaster shooting range. Your first shift will include a brief safety orientation and you will initially work with someone who has done it before. Ideally there will be at least two volunteers for each BLASTO shift, allowing one to interact with and draw in players and the other to assist players with the blasters and game play.

Greeting and Orientation

As campmates arrive on playa it’s always nice to get a warm greeting by someone who knows where you should park and set up your stuff. Camp Greeters will also provide an orientation of camp to new arrivals. That’s all there is to it.

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