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Team Leads

Both onsite and year round there is a need for people to coordinate important activities. These are referred to as Team Leads. If you are interested in becoming a Team Lead we have lots of fun and interesting positions available.

Set-up Team: Start your Black Rock City experience early. Nothing is better than watching Black Rock City come to life. If you can arrive early we want to talk to you. You would have to be in Reno and ready to help start loading from camp storage at 12:00 noon Thursday, August 23th and we would be on playa Friday August 24th (departing Reno after a quick 9:00 am breakfast). The Set-up Crew is eligible for an early arrival pass, a camp fee discount and potentially for a directed ticket for the event if required.


Strike Team: Keep the party going and avoid Exodus! If you are able to stay a bit late we are looking for people to takedown the infrastructure on playa and back into storage in Reno. The intention is to complete teardown by the end of Monday, September 3 and put everything into storage in Reno on Tuesday, September 4. Like the Set-up Crew, the Strike Team is eligible for a camp fee discount and possibly a directed ticket for the event.


BLASTO Team: BLASTO Fireball Shooting Range and Gallery is Kanuckistan's primary nightly interaction with the citizens of Black Rock City. It is a combination of propane, electronics and software that is challenging to build and fun to play. The BLASTO Team is responsible for building this incredible gift to the community.

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