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Onsite Water

Kanuckistan Water Program

$145 per person

Potable Water Onsite at Burning Man and Greywater Disposal

Wouldn't it be nice if all the water you needed for drinking, washing dishes and showering was waiting for you in camp when you arrived?  Imagine all the extra space you would have in your car.  Imagine how much nicer it would be not to have to haul around all that weight.  Even better, imagine you did not have to deal with greywater either. Well once again this year your Burning Man Dream can come true with Kanuckistan’s Onsite Water Program.

For a small cost, Kanuckistan will deliver all your drinking water as well as all the potable water you will need for washing dishes, showering etc. and remove all your greywater at the end of the event.

Drinking Water

This year we are making the leap to be more environmentally conscious by finally doing away with plastic water bottles for drinking water. This year camp is having the 250 gallon water tank refilled onsite as needed.


We are investing in a water filtration system for drinking and cooking water that will allow everyone on the water program to just fill up their own water bottles right in the kitchen.

Dish and Shower Water

The same water tank is also used for your shower water. When you join the optional onsite water program you can take as many showers as you like. We only ask that you do your best to limit your water usage while showering to a reasonable level.

Greywater Disposal

Greywater is always a pain in the ass but not with the Kanuckistan Water Program. That's right, if you are part of the Onsite Water Program we will deal with all your greywater as well.

250 Gallon Tank

How Do I Get In On This?

If you want into the Kanuckistan Onsite Water Program it is as simple as 1, 2, 3...

  1. Fill out the form click here,

  2. Respond to the email we send you letting you know how to pay camp $145 for each person you registered on the program,

  3. Enjoy your water and don't worry about the greywater.

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