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About Camp

Every year there are a few people who ask the what does camp provide? Although we are not a turn-key camp and do not aspire to be one there are a number of things camp has collected over the years through donations and camp fees that make file on playa a bit nicer. So here is a bit more about camp.

Kanuckistan tries to provide things that make your stay on playa better and also make your travel to and from Burning Man a bit simpler. We also strive to provide a safe communal environment with friends to hang out with. Burning Man is a fun place but sometimes when you are pushing all your boundaries the larger community can be a scary place. We strive to provide a camp that supports campers and gives them a safe place to come back to when and if they need it. 

Location, Location, Location

Kanuckistan has worked hard, year over year, to increase our public interaction. We do this as our gift to the community and in return we have been rewarded with a great location the last few years. In the six o'clock sector - right by Center Camp. 


We have a shower big enough to fit you and a bunch of your closest friends. WIth heated water! Anyone can use the shower. If you are part of the optional onsite water program offered by camp all your shower water is provided and your grey water dealt with. Otherwise all we ask is that you provide the shower water and pack off the grey water you create.


We have 5 shade structures for kitchen and chill space. This provides lots of share to for everyone and creates a perfect communal space in camp. We also have a couch and a number of chairs for guests and campmates alike.


We have a communal kitchen that anyone can use but we do not provide camp meals. People simply make their own meals when they like. We have found this works better than organized camp meals. It provides an opportunity for campmates to eat together without the obligation of having to eat certain foods at certain times.

You are more than welcome to bring your own camping gear for cooking; however, camp does have the following communal cooking items:

  • Extra silverware, plates, bowls, glasses and cups

  • Extra cooking implements, large water kettles, cooking pots, spatulas, knives, spoons, grill tools, etc.

  • Cooking stoves (just bring one small disposable green 5 lb propane tank per person)

  • BBQ

  • Serving items such as mixing bowls, strainers, etc.

  • Cleaning supplies (we ask each person bring 2 rolls of paper towel)

  • Garbage and recycling containers

  • Storage (each person gets one shelf in the kitchen as well as a place to store their cooler)

Optional Onsite Water Program

For those people that are taking the bus onto playa or are otherwise limited in the amount of space they have for transporting items, Kanuckistan has an optional onsite water program.


In 2018 we hosted a street pick-up game of hockey called the Xeni Cup, as well as three other well attended events: Knife Sharpening, The Right User of Power and EDM Partner Dancing. In addition we also have as our main interaction with the public BLASTO, the flaming shooting gallery.

What We Do Not Have and Why

We do vodka snorting but we do not have a bar. The reasons include: 1) it requires a great deal of volunteer time, effort and money to host a bar and so far no one within camp has wanted to make this their project and 2) we are in a neighborhood that has lots and lots of bars.

We do not have DJs. Like the bar, hosting a DJs or a large party requires lots of volunteer time and money. Like a bar, no one has so far stepped forward to take something like this on. And like a bar, there are lots of camps doing extremely good  parties and sound camps all around us.

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